$20.00 US

Framed Original caricature 

$40.00 US

Looking for a unique gift for an upcoming birthday, wedding or anniversary?

Or maybe you're curious to see yourself or even a pet through an artist's eyes? 

Have your very own personalized caricature* commissioned by Wilfred Lee!

All caricatures come in the standard size of B4 paper (9.8 x 13.9 inches), with the option of:

  • a high quality, resolution scan and emailed to you within minutes!
  • the original piece with or without lamination
  • The Original piece with a frame 

*All prices are the cost of 1 person/face. Please add more to cart if you'd like more than one face in a single commissioned caricature.

When ordering a caricature please email your photos to: theartistsjourney@gmail.com

The more reference, the better! It helps to get an overall feeling of the person. 

$30.00 US

Caricature Commissions

Caricature Commissions 

Black & White

High Quality Scan Caricature

$50.00 US

Original caricature (lamination optional)

Fully colored

High Quality Scan Caricature